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Recently, I sat down with Jon Cooner of The Whitetail Institute. He’s one of the top whitetail deer and food plot experts in the world.

I asked him to give me a “Food Plot Cheat Sheet” that would help eliminate the confusion and frustration hunters face with planting food plots for deer.

When it was over, we had an exclusive, killer 55-minute audio presentation PLUS an 18-page Special Report loaded with the best food plot tips and tricks you’ll find anywhere.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn when you download your free “Food Plot Cheat Sheet”…

  • The 3 keys to growing bigger bucks and how you can use food plots to manipulate one of the keys.
  • The number one factor for a successful food plot –
    it doesn’t matter how nutritious your food plot is if you’re missing THIS!
  • A sneaky tactic that can transform a food plot into a “deer highway”.
  • The ideal size and shape for a food plot – Yes, this does make a huge difference.
  • How “lineal edge” can make or break hunting success with your food plot.
  • Plus, lots more…

Once you have this expert info in your hunting arsenal, you’ll immediately improve your understanding of growing effective food plots… PLUS you’ll finally become a better, more successful deer hunter.

But download the “Food Plot Cheat Sheet” while you can.

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David Barrett